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Zenith Gemi İşletmeciliği A.Ş. established in Istanbul in May 2013, provides ship management services to Scorpio Group as well as third party clients.


“Zenith Gemi İşletmeciliği A.Ş.” is a wholly-owned entity of the Scorpio Group, one of the world’s leading shipping companies. Although the Company was established in May 2013, our leadership, core values and track record for quality are associated with a group of employees who had experience based on the 25 years at tankers management. The fleet of technically managed vessels currently consists of 26 modern tankers of MRs and Ice Class Handymax with an average age profile of nearly 6 years, all built in Hyundai Mipo Dockyard & SPP ShipBuilding Co., South Korea.

While today we provide management services for medium range tankers only, we have plans to manage other vessels’ tonnages in the coming years. We consider all that we have accomplished and all of our ambitions to be dependent on dedicated professionals, both ashore and at sea, embracing the key tenets of the Company and continously developing their professional and personal skills.

Our mission is to maintain the highest standards of safety, reliability and environmental complicance in ship management through

  1. our ongoing and close engagement with industry stakeholders, customers and partners,
  2. our dedication to our core values and
  3. our adoption of a continous improvement process.

Our Mission

Key Tenets

Our Vision is to have a projected development and expansion on the market share in ship management and to play a dominant role in the product and bulk chemical market.

Our Mission is to manage vessels in a safe and environmently friendly manner, to high quality standards following with the industry’s and the Major Oil Companies’ requirements and to provide a reliable service to clients.

Our core values include:

Our way: do the right thing

We believe in the honourable ideals of seafaring and shipping; those, alongside our high business and ethical standards, and values, are embodied in all our endeavours.
Honesty, ethics and strong moral principles are fundamental to our business. Through our culture, policies, training programs and procedural checks we build around #compliance to achieve the highest industry standards.

No man is an Island

We believe that working with other companies and professional disciplines, and being exposed to diverse backgrounds and cultures, makes for better business decisions and a stronger organization.

Diversity and openness – the free exchange of ideas – are critical to our success and to our organization as a place for personal and professional development – by encouraging it we aspire at positively contributing to the industry.

We care, respect and deliver

We believe that both professional and personal relationships should be long-term and balanced. We endorse the development, improvement and growth of partners, customers, peers and competitors; we’re all in this together.

Scorpio Group follows a robust Code of Ethics, incorporating our stance against fraud, harassment and discrimination. Further, all our employees undertake Ethics training every 6 months during their employment.

Fortune favours the bold

As the underdog we challenge ourselves to move quickly, creatively and thoughtfully towards new opportunities; relying on our energy, passion and principles to achieve advantageous, long-term risk-adjusted returns. Transforming our purpose into passion we tread a beaten path, yet we aren’t afraid to explore unchartered territories.

Focused on our strengths we build on our weaknesses, tirelessly striving for excellence.

Our business objectives include technically managing the fleet following the Tanker Management Self Assessment and other industry requirements; maintaining the vessels under management in line with the highest industry standards. Thereby safeguarding the ships value, the Company’s reputation, the welfare of those who work on or about them and minimizing the risk of incidents and environmental pollution. The Company aims to provide customer satisfaction to its clients with a first-class marine transportation service and therby develop long-term, mutually beneficial commercial relationships. The Company is committed to complying with customer and third party requirements and continuing to measure customer satisfaction.

Our Business Targets:

Zero Injury

Zero Loss of Life

Zero Environmental Pollution

Our Business Objectives


You can access the vessel details which are managed by Zenith Gemi İşletmeciliği A.Ş.

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HSSEQ Policy


The Company is committed to providing a safe, secure, healthy and environmental friendly working conditions both afloat and ashore for all of the employees and who have reason to be on or about the vessels under its management.

The Company attaches the utmost importance to the preservation of the environment and is determined to ensure that every person working for or on its behalf is made aware of its concern beyond deliberate, planned and thoughtful conservation of energy.

The Company is committed to monitor the compliance with D&A Policy of the Company, and minimizing the risk of environmental pollution including emissions reduction.

The Company aims to provide its customers a first-class marine transportation service tailored to their particular requirements, thereby foster long-term, and mutually beneficial commercial relationships.

The Company commits itself to contribute to social responsibility projects in its environment.

The HSSE excellence objectives of the Company are to achieve its goals to operate managed vessels with zero pollution and zero injuries and to achieve its aspirational objective to establish continual improvement to ensure zero releases to the environment in the long-term. The Company is determined to pursue HSSE excellence, through the provision of appropriate training and the active encouragement of all employees to participate in the implementation and improvement of its Management System.

The Company is committed to complying with legal requirements in every respect including the environmental aspects.

The Company is committed to pursuing its goals of zero pollution/zero injuries through a process of continual operational improvement, by regularly setting targets, monitoring performance, analyzing incidents that occur, identifying root causes and refining procedures accordingly.



ALDER EXPRESS has joined into our managed fleet on 24th April 2022.
MULBERRY EXPRESS has joined into our managed fleet on 11th August 2022.
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Suggestions & Complaints

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